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Medical Negligence Law

The following are our areas of specialty in the field of Medical Negligence Law:

  • Nursing Home Neglect

  • Hospital / Nursing Home Negligence



Nursing Home Neglect

As society ages, we often find few alternatives to taking care of elderly relatives by seeking competent and professional nursing home care for them. That decision, alone, is one of the most highly difficult any family can ever face. And if the elderly relative is then the victim of neglect or abuse, the emotional trauma that follows can be nearly unbearable.


The lawyers at King Simmons, PC, have sued nursing homes for a variety of wrongful acts that amount to neglect, abuse, or outright assault. Clients of the firm have suffered terribly debilitating injuries while in the hands of incompetent and understaffed nursing homes, painful and unnecessary ulcers and skin conditions, and even death – that could have been prevented had adequate and competent care been provided.


Sometimes, a nursing home staff is simply not careful when helping our elderly relatives move from one place to another. We recently settled a case without trial where nursing staff dropped an elderly resident when attempting to move her from her bed – causing her to break her hip. After the suit was filed, the nursing home settled for several hundred thousand dollars to avoid facing a trial by jury.




Hospital / Nursing Home Negligence

Hospitals are not always sanitary, nurses sometimes act carelessly, and doctors are negligent on occasion. While no one can reasonably expect perfection, the problem is human suffering or death when medical providers fall below the standard of care.


In one recent case, several doctors at a prominent Birmingham hospital were sued for failing to observe the appropriate standard of care involving the premature birth of a child. Due to the negligence of the doctors, the child tragically died. Our lawyers were able to settle the case for an extremely substantial sum, prior to trial, despite the fact that over 90% of medical malpractice are forced to trial by the medical community.


King Simmons, PC handles selected medical malpractice cases that involve death or catastrophic injury. The lawyers have solid trial experience in medical malpractice cases and have achieved significant settlements on behalf of clients.


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