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Proven Court Verdicts

 All cases differ, results will always vary, and no lawyer can ever guarantee results.  Most law firms list big settlements, but can’t identify the cases due to confidentiality agreements – and that’s fine.  We’ve got a lot of awesome confidential 6-figure and 7-figure settlements, as well.  But we felt like it might be more informative to show some of the results we actually have achieved in the courtroom – because not all cases settle, and if they don’t, clients need lawyers who know how to try cases.

$5,250,000 judgment, injury case against drinking establishment, Chambers County.  


$4,861,294 jury verdict, a wreck involving semi-truck, Jefferson County.  


$3,200,00 jury verdict, false arrest against Wal-Mart, Macon County.  

$2,500,000 judgment, injury case against bars, Baldwin County.  

$2,400,000 trial judgment, wreck case, paralyzed client, Jefferson County.  

$2,200,000 jury verdict, fired for claiming workers' comp., Chambers County.  

$2,000,000 judgment, wreck caused by a tractor trailer, DeKalb County.  

$1,250,000 jury verdict, fired for claiming workers' comp., Sumter County.  

$1,000,000 jury verdict, fired for workers' comp. claim, Jefferson County.  


$800,000 judgment, funeral home misconduct, Jefferson County.  

$720,000 jury verdict, a back injury suffered by railroad worker, Jefferson County.  


$525,000 jury verdict, injuries caused by a driver on a cell phone, Jefferson County.  

$308,701 jury verdict, injury lawsuit against a drunk driver, Jefferson County.   


$300,000 jury verdict, fired for claiming workers' comp., Shelby County. ​

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